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AIM is a global investment manager with a single focus — to compound returns for investors. We employ a quality investment strategy, which we believe is the surest way to grow wealth sustainably through time.



This means finding and owning global businesses that are strong now, in the future and in the face of whatever the market throws at them.


A rigorous and in-depth approach to finding and investing in businesses that meet a strict quality criteria with attractive future growth prospects.


We are committed to putting investors first, we will produce measurable results, provide clear and consistent communication and always be accessible.


We believe in owning businesses with sensible debt levels and high quality management teams with a proven track record. We think about investments from the perspective of a business owner and this means we focus on businesses that deliver sustainable economic growth for the 5 years or longer we plan on investing in them.


FY21 Investor Webinar

In a year largely driven by narrative (“Value! Growth! Reflation! Deflation!”), the AIM GHCF's portfolio of high-quality companies delivered a solid return (+25.8%), with much lower volatility than the market.

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AIM 2021 Interim Letter

For the financial year ended 30 June 2021, the AIM Global High Conviction Fund (GHCF) delivered a return of +25.80% after all fees. In this letter, we explore the drivers of performance and discuss how we will compound wealth in the years ahead.

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