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About Us

AIM was founded in 2015 as an independent investment manager. The firm is structured to do one thing only: manage client investments. Activities not related to delivering this outcome are outsourced to leading asset management service providers to enable us to focus on conducting investment research, managing the portfolio, and engaging with our investors.


Our difference is quality focused long-term investing, but we also understand that selecting an investment manager can be a daunting task. Investors need to decide what investment goal they would like to achieve, balanced against their appetite for risk and ability to weather volatility.

At AIM, we understand the complexities, and are committed to making our product as easy to understand as possible. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have (big or small) and we pledge full transparency around our investment process and the portfolio we hold on your behalf.

We see our investors as long-term partners, and as with all good partnerships, we are committed to consistent communication, remaining accessible and engaged, and producing measurable results.

Your Team.

Etienne Vlok

Portfolio Manager

Les Andrews

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Strasser

Senior Analyst

Daniel Gerdis

Portfolio Manager


Underpinning our entire investment process are five fundamental beliefs.

For a more detailed description on how we invest, please download the Investor Handbook. You may also find our FAQ page helpful.

  • Investments are worth the net present value of their future cash flows.
  • Successful investing is done from the perspective of a business owner, not a stock speculator.
  • A business that cannot generate an economic profit is not creating value, even if it is growing.
  • Long-term investing delivers better returns than short-term speculation.
  • Compounding is the true engine of value creation.


In 2019, the Fund was restructured from a currency hedged global long/short mandate to an unhedged global long-only equity mandate.

AIM is owned by its directors. We are not incentivised by any third party to sell or recommend any product or service beyond the capital we manage for our investors. In addition to business ownership, all directors are also invested in the Fund; the same goes for members of the staff.

We view a significant ownership interest in the Fund as a key component to create alignment between ourselves and our investors.

We believe in our process and portfolio of businesses, and do not try and do better than our clients by investing in businesses we would not own on your behalf. Equally, we would not own a business in the Fund that we would not own in our personal capacity. We are 100% aligned with our investors.


Empower your
wealth today.

We see our investors as long-term partners and, as with all good partnerships, we are committed to consistent communication, being accessible and engaged, and producing measurable results.

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