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A Conversation with James Aitken


Global macro expert James Aitken joined the AIM investment team from London for a very insightful discussion on how we should be thinking about the inflationary environment in 2022, how central banks are likely to navigate this period, his views on investing in China, the realities of decarbonisation and the great energy transition and also a final comment on the general health of the financial system.

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1:45 A post mortem of the policy response to the COVID-19 global shutdown.

16:13 Are central banks behind the curve when it comes to interest rates?

18:39 Will inflation prove transitory? Or is there an emerging structural element in wages?

29:30 What will it take for higher forward rates to be reflected in discount rates?

34:08 Is there a possible scenario where a soft landing is engineered for equities?

41:05 Are there any unappreciated systemic risks in the financial system that we need to watch for?

48:20 Is the crackdown in China the start of something more ominous?

57:17 Views on decarbonisation and the energy transition?

1:09:53 As central banks withdraw monetary support, how will different asset classes and countries perform?

1:22:45 The world is awash with liquidity, what does it mean?

1:24:49 The implications of supply bottlenecks

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