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Cutting Through the Noise


There is no doubt the US is leading the global economic recovery. One of the key themes to emerge from the recent 2Q US earnings season was just how broad-based the economic recovery has been (and continues to be) in the US.

In this webinar, the investment team discusses the significant trends from this reporting season and then unpacks some of the other big issues facing markets right now, such as China tech, inflation, positioning for the Delta variant, and our views on the Aussie Dollar.

Just scroll down for a time-stamped summary of this webinar.

3:06 What have our global companies told us about the state of the economic recovery?
8:10 Unpacking Amazon & e-commerce trends
13:21 The two things to keep an eye on with inflation & why we aren't too worried
14:57 Positioning for a three-phased US recovery
17:35 Portfolio update & how we think about China exposure
19:55 The post-COVID trends we are excited about
24:29 Prepare, don't predict
28:55 Conclusion & outlook
31:45 Are we due for a correction?
36:31 What is your view on the China tech crackdown?
42:55 What is the current macro view?
45:17 What are the global mid-cap stocks you are most excited about?

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