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CY2020 Investor Webinar

The AIM GHCF investor presentation briefly covers how the Fund performed in 2020; Charlie Aitken (CIO) and Etienne Vlok (PM) also discuss where they see opportunities in 2021 and how they are thinking about market risk. The stock discussion focuses on a relatively unknown Japanese vision sensor business that is incredibly high quality with a concrete runway for growth.


1:15 CY2020 performance summary

9:47 Top 10 holdings at 31 Jan 21

11:43 Sector allocation at 31 Jan 21

13:10 Geographic revenue allocation 31 Jan 21

14:24 Portfolio characteristics

16:10 Stock discussion: Keyence

27:20 Biggest risk for markets this year

36:54 Where we are seeing opportunities

39:11 Our focus: returns on capital

45:59 Our views on currencies

48:00 Are markets speculative at present?

50:28 What are the policy risks under a Biden administration?

53:49 Why doesn't the Fund invest in banks?

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