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FY21 Investor Webinar

In a year largely driven by narrative (“Value! Growth! Reflation! Deflation!”), the AIM GHCF's portfolio of high-quality companies delivered a solid return (+25.8%), with much lower volatility than the market.

In this Webinar, the AIM investment team looks at what drove those returns and discusses why we believe ignoring market narratives and focusing on fundamentals is a much better recipe for long-term sustainable returns. We highly recommend the the quality continuum discussion at the 21:53 mark. Scroll down to see the time-stamped summary.


1:20 FY21 performance overview with focus on risk-adjusted returns

5:55 Stocks that drove performance in FY21

15:26 AIM quality scorecard

19:03 Full portfolio as at 30 June 2021

21:53 Explaining the quality investment continuum with stock examples

24:38 Stock discussion - HEICO Corporation

32:21 Stock discussion - Nintendo

39:10 A portfolio positioned for multiple outcomes

40:45 Why it's a great time to be an investor

43:40 What we are doing & what we want to deliver


45:20 How do you analyse the strategic dimension of a business?

48:02 Macro outlook?

52:55 Do you invest in IPOs?

54:00 How many stocks do you look at before you build a position?

58:30 Minimum investment amounts?

59:22 Are you concerned that size may erode performance over time?

1:00:42 Thoughts on latest developments regarding US tech regulation?

1:10:00 Concluding remarks

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