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The Australian Investors Podcast - Shorting & Two Ideas

In this episode of The Australian Investors Podcast, Charlie Aitken joins Owen Raszkiewicz to discuss a broad range of topics, including enduring investing lessons, shorting, managing risk in China, and two high conviction stock ideas.

To watch this interview on YouTube click here. To listen on another platform (iTunes, Castbox) click through to the Rask website.


  • Charlie’s big lessons learned from his father and running a fund
  • Why shorting is hard and why Charlie dropped it to be long-only
  • How Charlie has built a strong analyst team
  • The big risks facing investors looking to Chinese stocks like Tencent & Alibaba (BABA)
  • 2 global stocks to watch: Nike Inc (NYSE: NKE) and HEICO Corp (NYSE: HEI)

This is a great episode for investors looking for an easy-listening discussion about high quality investing, shorting and those second-guessing their positions in China.

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