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Our unique portfolio.

The types of businesses we invest in are future-facing, hard to replicate and unlikely to be disrupted. The portfolio is also designed to be resilient in the face of meaningful market rotations.

The AIM Quality Continuum

We scour the world and hand pick 15-25 of the best quality companies we can find to invest in on your behalf. These businesses are plugged into the future and the products and services they sell are very hard to replicate. This means that they are unlikely to be disrupted.  We invest in businesses that can compound wealth over the investment horizon and our portfolio is not limited to just “value” or “growth” styles.

We invest across a quality continuum, meaning we can be nimble and flexible enough to not be constrained by sector, geography or market capitalisation (size).

Our approach means the portfolio is designed to be resilient in the face of meaningful market rotations. 

Portfolio highlights.

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